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Data Ethics

Meight takes security, legal data protection and privacy requirements seriously. Meight’s technology rests on the use of data to generate foresight, maximizing efficiency and safety through optimal driving behaviour. This positive effect is achieved by real-time wielding of considerable amounts of driving and location data of different drivers and trucks.

Said information could, in theory, be used for other purposes, such as active surveillance or employee performance monitoring. Or even more less obvious results, such as driver profiling on the basis of their personal information. Our technology does nothing of the sort and Meight takes ethical personal data treatment very seriously. Any and all monitoring of driving behaviour is done automatically, without real-time human intervention The loop of data between the vehicle device, our servers and the driver is completely closed. Any personal data that might be collected is processed in a fully GDPR compliant way, only for the purpose of calculating outputs that positively influence efficiency and, more importantly, are stored and treated in a completely anonymous way. Moreover, all interactions and use of analytical tools with our database are logged and monitored to ensure that no undue access occurs.

We aim to ensure that we respect the persons behind the data, achieving an improvement in their day-to-day work.

Information that is collected from our customers for commercial contacts

Name, website, VAT number, name of the business contact person, email, telephone number.

Other information that we collect

Meight collects and treats the following information (if applicable):

Accounts and billing

Name, address and postal code, telephone number, birth date, VAT number, civil identification number and email address, of the Client and representatives; Whenever the identity of the representatives must be checked (for example, to sign an agreement or to exercise access rights), we might ask to be shown the identification documents or, if more convenient, copies of these documents might be requested, which will be archived; Information related to the bank account information and other banking information, for example for the payment of services; Information related to the account, including subscribed products and services, account receivables and paid amounts; Contacts with representatives for customer support through email or any other means with Meight; Log-in information, for account and service usage authentication and access.

Network data

Information collected by Meight devices and generated by the use of our services and products, such as location data, usage data and driving information.

How we use that information

We will process personal data, as necessary, for concluding agreements and following-up on Client requests. Personal data may also be used when there is a legitimate interest to do so, to fulfil a legal obligation that Meight is bound to or when Client or the service Users give consent, whenever treatment cannot be justified on other legal reasons. This information is mandatory and will be used only for billing, customer support and Meight technology optimization.

Meight may use information listed in i., namely for providing services, billing and collection of payment for rendered services, for customer support, for personalized service, complaint and claim settlement and also to give answers to requests. So that we can evaluate your degree of satisfaction with the services, Meight may request that you answer questionnaires or participate in surveys.

From the information listed in ii., Meight’s technology automatically creates reports and datasets with aggregated and statistical information which does not individually identify any user, anonymizing said information for a more detailed analysis towards technology optimization. Also from the information listed in ii., Meight’s technology automatically creates ratings applicable to portions of predetermined driving journeys, which then can automatically be met with corresponding anonymized Driver IDs, with Meight not having access to any location or usage data of the products and services that can be made independent as relating to a certain User. This treatment helps Meight improve the services being provided without users being identified in an individual manner. The treatment of said data for these analyses does not allow that Users are retroactively identified, in any way.

To insure the safety and improvement of products and services, Meight has the right to monitor performance of the services being provided and their quality, allowing for the identification of any technical failures, transmission errors, virus, IT piracy and other menaces or cybersecurity vulnerabilities, no exercising, in any way, through human means, any control over the content of the information being transmitted through the network. We also reserve the right to analyse how our services and products are being used, so that we can review, develop and improve them, as well as develop products and services more interesting and tailored towards the Clients. Finally, we reserve the right to research and create analytical information, using a variety of analytical methods (“Big data analytics”), using mathematical techniques that study big datasets to find patterns and bias. These analyses are treated seriously, and the databases used by Meight’s employees do not include any type of personal data, being automatically generated in anonymized form and without back references by Meight’s technology. Meight uses this analytical information for market studies and to develop research and statistical analysis, including ways of optimizing driving.

How long do we keep your data

Account information of clients is kept for the amount of time determined by law or the amount of time necessary for providing the service. When the contract ends, Meight may keep the data for a period of ten years, in order to adequately fulfil legal obligations, namely for auditing and tax purposes.

Account and billing are kept during contract execution and, after termination, might also be kept for a reasonable period of time, in case you decide to once again use our services.

Who provides the service

Meight Technologies, S.A.