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Who we are

We’re learning from data to help drivers spend less and use less, so every journey has a positive impact on the world.

Why we’re called ‘Meight’

Motion can be described in eight dimensions — an inherent complexity that we solve to power mobility. Our name captures our obsession with understanding motion through data, but also our role in fostering collaboration. Drivers, businesses and citizens are our partners and teammates, because we cannot change mobility alone.

At Meight we strive to learn about motion in all its complexity, and use that knowledge to improve the way we all move.

Using data from millions of journeys, we anticipate what drivers will do in the next split-second, so we can help them spend less and use less. Journey by journey, we’re changing mobility for everyone.

65% HCVs are not connected in EU...

...yet it represented €8.9B tech. expenditure in 2019. * 1st target group: fleet operators and carriers, who will make use of the technology as it is. In the future: shippers, freight forwarders, truck manufacturers, procurers of technological solutions… * 152 244 SMEs, from target Logistic centers, cannot fairly compete in open markets against the digitized operations, performed by large logistic conglomerates. * Barriers to entry identified: High entry costs and complex procurement procedures; minimum required fleet sizes, to generate tangible efficiency gains.

The Truck Driver In The Digital Age

Digitalization hasn’t reached everyone.

  • The truck driver is the stakeholder with highest impact in the sector and the biggest enabler to increase its competitiveness
  • Truck drivers are accountable for the greatest operating cost: Fuel (30 to 40%), and pre-feasibility studies have demonstrated they can reduce it by up to 20%, only if provided with continuous support.
  • CO2 Emissions, that contribute greatly to greenhouse effects, experience similar reduction. For every liter of diesel saved 2.68kg of CO2 are not emitted.
  • Fleet managers, in charge of the fleet day-to-day operations, have experienced significant technology adoption.
  • On the opposite, truck drivers saw little to no progress, despite the remarkable technology evolution in other automotive segments.


Humans move everything. Mobility affects everyone. And yet, do we truly understand motion? We don’t have the slightest clue.

Everything we do at Meight is built around learning. Our goal is to understand motion and mobility in all their complexity, and applying that knowledge to improve the way the world moves.

We learn from data. Using data from millions of journeys, we anticipate what drivers will do in the next split-second, so we can help them spend less and use less. Never ceasing to develop breakthrough technology for drivers, businesses and citizens.

We develop new technologies that harness the data generated every time we move, and use them to make each journey safer and more sustainable. Working together with our partners in challenging the old way: we want to help people, goods and companies move freely without harming our planet.

We are not afraid of incumbents. We’re willing to take risks that help us achieve our goals, committed to our transformative vision.

Together we can make every journey have a positive impact on the world.

Together we drive forward.

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Headquarters: Rua Circular Norte do Parque Industrial e Tecnológico de Évora, S/N, Evoratech, Incubadora de Base Tecnológica de Évora, 7005-841 - Évora - Portugal

VAT Identification Number: 514791829.

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